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New at WPL: Assistive Hearing Technology

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we have now added Hearing Loops Inc. Assistive Hearing Technology at all of our branches.

The Contacta Speech Transfer System amplifies staff and patron voices to reduce barriers when providing and receiving service. The microphone and speaker system allows for clear sound and communication and helps maintain confidentiality while speaking through protective plexiglass.

Each Assistive Hearing Station is also fully equipped with a hearing loop system. A hearing loop provides a direct link to the source of sound for those with hearing loss; once picked up by the microphone, speech is converted to a magnetic signal, and finally transmitted to the user via a hearing loop aerial. The library patron need only turn their hearing device to the ‘T’ position to hear with clarity.

Technology will be installed in our program spaces in the coming weeks.

Patrons with questions about this system are encouraged to contact us at (905) 734-6210.

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